Gloversville Fire Department

The Gloversville Fire Department protects 15,500 residents in 5.2 sq. miles. The department operates with four Battalions made up of a Battalion Chief, Captain and five (5) firefighters. Initial response is one engine, one tower ladder, and a Battalion Chief. Gloversville provides BLS with EMT-D and EMT-I personnel on engine companies.

Gloversville was the first department in New York State to purchase a Cairns IRIS thermal imager in 1997. The department utilizes an ISG Thermal imager. Dispatching is done from E-911 central dispatch at the Fulton County Sheriff’s department utilizing all civilian communications specialists.

The department provides code enforcement for all existing structures within the City. All code enforcement is coordinated by on-duty personnel under the Office of the Fire Marshal.

Contact Numbers

Emergency Number: 911
Non-Emergency Number: (518) 725-3124
Fax Number: (518) 725-3732


Fire Chief
Thomas Groff

First Battalion

Mike Putnam

Ed Martelle

Second Battalion

Stephen West

William Nealon

Third Battalion

Joe Gillis

Michael Ward

Fourth Battalion

Brandon Lehr

Joshua Frye

Public Safety Secretary

Jackie Varin                                                                518-725-3124

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